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Digestive enzyme for monogastrics for improved weight gain, egg production and health.

Beetazyme is a special enzyme mixture designed for the purpose of maximum feed utilization in Poultry. Common ingredients of poultry feed include wheat, broken rice, sunflower extract, soybean extract and DORB (de-oiled rice bran). These ingredients contain viscosity-increasing substances such as Limit Dextrin, Betaglucan, Pectin and fibres, which adversely affect digestive action. Also, the feed contains large quantities of phytic acid, which severely affects mineral assimilation.

Beetazyme contains enzymes that act on the anti-nutritive factors to improve mineral assimilation and bioavailability of energy. Beetazyme significantly improves feed conversion ratios (FCR) resulting in substantial gain in body weight in broilers, increased egg production in layers and improves overall health in the poultry birds.


In broilers,

In layers,

  • Increased egg production due to increased bioavailability of energy
  • Reduced fibre excretion and wet droppings
  • Improved egg to feed ratios in controlled feeding
  • Maintains shell thickness in eggs
  • Allows for a greater flexibility in feed formulations
  • Reduces phosphorus deficiency related sickness
  • Recommended dosage: Mash feed 200-500gm per metric ton of feed

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