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Multi-enzyme feed supplement for improving milk and fat yield in dairy

In dairy animals such as cattle and buffaloes, roughage forms the major portion of the diet in the form of grass and other plant material. Often there is a suboptimal level of roughage digestion leading to poor nutrient and energy availability in the animal. This will in turn lead to lower milk and fat yields.

Lactozyme is a multi-enzyme feed supplement, containing enzymes such as cellulases, phytases, lipases, invertases, proteases and amylases that are specially formulated for improving roughage digestion. Regular use of Lactozyme results in greatly improved nutrient availability and stable pH levels in the rumen.

Direct benefits of Lactozyme include:

Recommended Dosage:
Cows/Buffaloes: 10-20 gm. per day
Sheep/Goat: 5 gm. per day
Feed (bulk): 1.5 - 3.0 kg. per tonne of feed

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