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About Us

KAYPEEYES BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified biotechnology company, which develops and manufactures innovative products for food, feed and other industrial applications. KBPL was incorporated in the year 1993. Right from the outset, excellence with professional integrity has been the key note of its work culture. The company manufactures a variety of products like Amylases, Amyloglucosidases, Cellulases, Proteases, Pectinases, Xylanases etc, in the basic form and has also developed need-based formulations.


Our manufacturing facilities are based in the Hebbal Industrial Area of Mysore, India. We have an exclusive research and development centre located at the Food Industry Complex Area in Mysore. This facility has a fully dedicated pilot plant for the exclusive use of the R&D centre.

About the Founder

Kaypeeyes Biotech was founded by Mr. Krishna Bhat Kadappu (M Sc. Biosciences), a veteran of the fermentation industry. Mr. Krishna Bhat Kadappu started his career at the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) based in Mysore, India. Subsequently, for over a decade, he served as an independent consultant for the design and installation of fermentors and bioreactors for breweries and distilleries. Based on his comprehensive insight into food processing, he recognised the need for high quality enzymes in the domestic market. Mr. Kadappu founded Triton Chemicals in 1980 for manufacturing enzymes for such as Pectinases for food processing. At Triton, he instituted a strong focus on R&D for developing new processes for enzyme manufacturing. Later, in 1993, he founded Kaypeeyes Biotech to manufacture enzymes and probiotics for the animal feed supplement market and industrial applications. Subsequently, at Kaypeeyes Biotech, he has directed research programmes to develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of enzymes and probiotics for applications such as Paper manufacturing, Environmental control, Aqua-culture and agri-biotech applications such as tomato seed extraction. Under his leadership, Kaypeeyes Biotech has emerged as a strong science-driven and product-focussed company. He currently serves as the Managing Director at Kaypeeyes Biotech.

History of the company

Kaypeeyes Biotech was founded in 1993 to manufacture enzymes for food processing and the animal feed supplement industry. Kaypeeyes Biotech is a pioneer in the domestic enzyme market and has actively promoted the application of enzymes in industrial processes. Since then, we at Kaypeeyes Biotech have developed and manufactured enzymes and probiotics for a wide range of industries such as food, feed, paper-pulp, textiles and environmental control applications.

Over the years, we have maintained our formidable position by leveraging our vast portfolio of technical know-how in enzymes and probiotics accumulated through our research and development programmes. Our dedicated Research and Development facility has been officially recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India as an in-house R&D centre.

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